Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Useful and The Useless

If you want to make sense of 2016, and understand 2017, right up through the schism that launches God-Knows-What upon us, you should read the brilliant, insightful, and precise essay of this title by Robert Gore at his blog, Straight Line Logic.

Key graf:
Take away the undeserved from the undeserving and you get a tantrum. Steal the earned from those who earned it and you get righteous rage. One’s a firecracker, the other a volcano. The game has been to impress upon the useful a moral obligation to support the useless, but the volcano’s about to blow, burying that obscene morality in lava and ash. Given the staggering levels of accumulated debt and promises, the useful know their talents, skills, hard work, productivity and futures have been mortgaged for the useless. This is the salient and intractable social division. No reconciliation is possible between the useful and those who believe themselves entitled to their enslavement.

Do, by all means, RTWT.

And continue your efforts at readiness for a future unpleasantness.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

London Calling


So, hey,'s that torrential unbridled unvetted immigration workin' out for ya, Limeys dhimmis?

Uh huh, thought so.

Nigel Farage for PM. While you still have a chance.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Legend In His Own Time

Deceased: Charles Edward Anderson "Chuck" Berry, aged a mere 90 years, of natural causes, at home in his bed. Survived by his wife of 68 years, Themetta.

Roll over Beethoven, and tell Tchaikovsky the news.

He could play the guitar just like a'ringin' the bell:
A lot of people play rock & roll.

Chuck Berry was rock & roll.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Dear Defensive Training Group: Since you asked...

In reference to this thread over at WRSA, and with respect to the apparent butthurt I caused in response, the following.

The original question was
“Does a properly-accoutred 21st-century Freikorps volunteer wear a K-pot? Asking for a friend…”
First, I was responding solely to the post on WRSA, which included the rationale illustration, and not DTG's extended answer. Hence the fact that the only point I was opining on was in respect to the exact one thing I stated. My comments were directed to those who would throw out baby and bathwater together based on faulty and/or no rationale (which we'll re-visit in due course), not as a brickbat against DTG's linked post, which other than the WRSA-posted excerpt, I hadn't read until after the fact. So FWIW DTG, nothing I said was a slam on your rationales other than that one bare item, so if the ire in response is because you thought otherwise, I'm sorry for having created that misimpression.

Second, comments there were closed before I could reply to the challenge offered, else I'd have gladly done so there and then.

Third, DTG's new, improved query is now
"Should people equip themselves with a K-pot? Why or why not?"
which is a completely different tack from the original query.
I'll tackle them both, and in detail, and we'll see where that gets us.

1) I took the original Freikorps question to refer to those engaged in our current and any future form of street theatre, as that's precisely what the original Freikorps was: a precursor to the SA Brownshirts, when multiple political parties were "campaigning" in the streets of Germany during the Weimar Republic era from 1919-1933, usually with pipes and bottles in use all around.

So with respect to whether anyone venturing forth to mix it up with the Leftist tards ought wear a helmet, my suggestion is that we look at the tapes from recent festivities:
So, let's take a vote. Everyone who seriously thinks facing Molotov cocktails, frozen soda cans and water bottles, slingshot projectiles, thrown rocks, metal pipes, high-velocity pellets, machetes, and wooden batons with nothing but a soft cap or boonie hat is a good idea, please stand on your head.
Freikorps, as such, either wears a helmet, or budgets a large fund for the care of neurologically crippled vegetables formerly known as Freikorps soldiers when their heads get upgefuchten.
(Like "FUBAR" was in Saving Private Ryan, that's a German word.)
2) Now, in answer to DTG's query, about "people", my first response is a counter-query.
Which "people" ? And doing what?
A) People sitting inside their own home-castle?
B) Those same people undertaking combat patrols in their neighborhood/AO after TSHTF?
C) People part of a larger, semi-organized neighborhood defense group, in either role?
In short, the answers are A-Yes, B-No, and C-It depends.
People who are minimally trained or completely untrained, won't be doing anything but defense, in most cases. And the only part of them liable to be exposed will be their heads and shoulders, in firing weapons over or through defensive works. So a brain bucket would quite obviously be a life support device devoutly to be wished.
Those same folks out and about would probably (hopefully) be depending on a large quantity of stealth in their movements, so helmets at that point would be counter-productive.
Which is why for people with a bit more training, (as assumed a priori would be the case in the DTG site's post) after TSHTF, the same answers generally apply.
In a defensive position, you wear a helmet, because the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.
When on recon/combat patrol, you switch to soft, silhouette-breaking headgear, which gives more vision and better hearing, for less fatigue, noise, and weight -- exactly as laid out in the DTG answer.
Cleverly, the US military has that exact doctrine, going back only to every manual on scouting and patrolling back to WW2 circa 1944, if not earlier. As Casey Stengel used to tell folks, "You could look it up." I know it probably isn't news to anyone with military service in the combat arms.
But they don't tell soldiers not to have helmets, given their obvious utility, back to time before writing in nearly every army ever observed and worthy of the name.
They simply tell them not to wear them everywhere, and at all times.
Almost like there had been some thought on this line of questioning, and some level of intelligence was assumed to reside with individual troops and even the most junior leaders.
So the final answer is that "Hell YES!" you should have something to protect your head, and quite frequently, though not perpetually, it should actually be on your head.
Lastly, a note on the following illustration, cited by DTG, and the sum of the WRSA post:
We should note, there's a companion illustration for those with the chinstrap unfastened:
The teaching point for those two techniques has Jack and Squat to do with helmets (or not), or chinstrap fastened (or unfastened).
It is, rather, that if you're such a soup sandwich fuckhead as to let someone cleverly tiptoe right behind you whilst on interior guard duty, that they can lay hands on your helmet, you have been selected via Darwinian processes for removal from the gene pool, because, as HK says, we hate you, and you suck.
And you're doing it wrong. Jackass.
Can that technique work on soldiers?
Yes, on the ones for whom the value of the word soldier is "Dumbfuck."
But if you're a dumbfuck, a helmet or not isn't your biggest problem.
And if someone can get that close, they can just as easily whap the living fuck out of you with a ball peen hammer, helmet or not, or quite simply put a silenced pistol round right behind your ear, or a dagger into your jugular, with even less art and craft, but the exact same result for Pvt. Dumbfuck: a posthumous Purple Heart.
File this under "Duh."
And strike it from the rationales, pro or con, for wearing helmets, ever.
Does that mean that the Kevlar PASGT "K-pot" is therefore the pinnacle of the helmet designer's art forever and all time?
Uh, no.
For a myriad of other purposes, there may be one or a baker's dozen other choices, more or less suitable than the PASGT helmet of the 1980s.
But exactly as the first rule of gunfighting is "Bring a gun", the first rule of head protection is "Have a helmet". A cheap motorcycle helmet on your head when a bottle or bullet comes flying in may do worlds more good than the 21st century wunderbucket sitting in your locker a grid square away.
The ultimate takeaway is that anything that's harder than your skin and skull, and ideally harder than whatever's inbound for same, is a damned good idea, whenever practical.
Just ask Abraham Lincoln, JFK, or any of the hundreds of thousands of soldiers in innumerable wars who died because their heads were split open and their lives leaked out.
Anyone who feels themselves smarter than the Persians, Egyptians, Trojans, Greeks, Romans, Vikings, Samurai, and damned near every army right up until now, feel free to bring their bulletproof head to comments.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

A Quick Thought On Calibers

A novice shooter recently acquired a weapon for personal defense (after some casual comments at work) (Yay her!). She was wondering about other things, once she's happy and comfortable with her new tactical tupperware of the ever-shooting goodness variety. I passed on the following thoughts.

In the time since the US military first fired brass cartridges, and before they switch over to phased plasma rifles in the 40 Mw range, they have primarily and overwhelmingly used personal arms and ammunition in the following flavors*:

.308 (7.62x51)
.223 (5.56x45)

For pistols it's been

Along with shotguns in
12 ga

And training rifles and pistols in

Which coincidentally comes to ten examples.

That goes back some 140+ years. All such are still in full production to this day. Were one to acquire/possess and stock up on firearms and suitable varieties of ammunition in most or all of those calibers, and those alone, they'd absolutely be capable of reliably stopping any game or wild animal on both of the American continents with from two to four legs, from thieving bastards to buffalo, and would also be highly unlikely at any foreseeable time, of running out of ready re-supply, one way or another.

Nearly everything else is thus a relative oddball, however beloved it may be, for whatever reasons, and to whomever.

And that's all I'm going to say about that.

*(Yes, I know about such esoteric things as the .30-40 Krag, .38Colt, etc. Makes no difference to the larger point.)

Monday, March 13, 2017

Why Certain People Are A Joke

Fake News.
Black Lives Matter.
My body, my choice.
Legalize drugs.

The media claimed for decades, despite decades of evidence to the contrary, that they were unbiased reporters of fact. (Wow, I typed that without bursting into laughter.)
They ignored things like covering for the Soviet forced famines that killed more people than the Holocaust, and that in poll after poll presently, over 96% of them all voted to the left of Stalin.
When Wikileaks finally blew up the dam and a torrent of current reality gushed out, they've at last been undeniably revealed as the biased shills for the Left they are and ever have been.

When some people, of whatsoever race, march behind the banner "Black Lives Matter", they ignore that the biggest killer of black lives is other black criminals. If black lives mattered to them, they'd drop dimes on their homies, and come out slightly to the right of Archie Bunker on law and order.
But it turns out they don't do that, so it's clear that to them, it's mainly only Black Criminal Lives that matter, thus beclowning themselves.

Feminists claim they want government out of their wombs, yet they want the government right there when it comes time to buy them contraceptives, pay for their abortions, and support their spawn on welfare.
If they really wanted government out of their bodies, they'd get their hands out of everyone else's pockets, but they don't do that, and everyone sees their duplicity.

And large "L" Libertarians claim that their mantra is "That government governs best which governs least", yet they do not thence attack the behemoth of the Welfare State, but instead focus like a laser beam on drug laws.
Which is why everyone rightfully concludes that they're simply drug addicts seeking political cover.

What you say is nice, but intelligent people watch what you do.

So their own karma runs over their dogma.
You can believe what they tell you, or simply trust your own lying eyes.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Rules For Radicals

Some people have noticed the fact that the Left has been doing some street theater.

So under the heading of Every Stoopid Thing They Can Do, We Should Do More! Bigger! Faster!, some folks want to rush out and counter-protest.

1) If you’re engaging in street theater in the first place, you’re already doing it wrong.
Things get changed in your congressman’s and councilman’s office, at his fundraising office, and at the polling booth.
Money and influence talks, bullshit walks (at a street protest).

2) List everything in history changed by mob street protest. I’ll wait while you comb the world for even one example.

In case that left a mark

3) That said, if you’re bound and determined to go full retard,

this is how it’s done, from the bottom up:

shin guards under pants (ideally, not visible, but there, either way)
knee protection
hip and tailbone pads
hard cup
ideally, level II or better bullet-resistant vest
and HDPE Level III hard plates (20 pounds lighter than AR500 steel, and rifle proof)
failing the bulletproof model, padded hard plastic chest armor:
football or hockey stuff, and/or a moto riders back turtle plate
sealed swim goggles (eye pro, and gas/vapor/acid protection)
ear plugs (boat horns and whistles work both ways, kids)
shoulder, elbow, and forearm pads
hard-backed gloves
an under-hoodie shell helmet (MICH, biker minimal, or homebrew cut down batting helmet, whatever)
respirator with N100 filtration for riot gasses, in pocket/pouch
boxing/football mouth guard

Skip bandanas/balaclavas.

If you’re worried about ID, you can defeat facial recognition with a much lower profile by cutting down a latex Halloween mask in flesh tones. An old man/woman mask with bigger eye holes and open mouth will do fine, and it’s a lot harder to spot from distance, in a crowd. So you won’t look like a hooligan from 50 yards to TPTB.

Neutral earthtone outer colors is the way to go.
Brighter colors for your under layer, in case you have to flee, changes your appearance rapidly.

If you’re Virgil Cole from Flight Of The Intruder, make/buy your outer pants and jacket/hoodie extra baggy, cut the outer seams, and Velcro them together, for a quick-change. You can make the inside a bright color for quick removal/reversal if you think you need to become Houdini.
And seriously consider nomex underwear if you think getting lit on fire is a thing, and you like your skin.

Sticks and shields are rightly regarded as weapons by any cops in overwatch with two brain cells (which is not all of them).
Carrying them is an invitation to hassle, confiscation, spray/taze/assault beatdown, and arrest. Potentially all four for the same low price.
Padded and protected body parts are not.

Knives, brass knuckles, etc. are dumb. See above.

You might can get away with a flag/banner on a piece of light black pipe steel. Esp. if you paint it white, and stencil on Schedule 40 markings to make it look like plastic. Just saying.

OC spray, (esp. Bear Spray canisters, which has a 10 yard reach out and f*** someone up range), and stun guns, OTOH, are – in most states – not so regarded. IANAL: check you state/city laws, and if legal, load up.

Ditto for CCW: if you can carry, carry. If not, don’t.

If you carry, have an attorney on speed dial and retainer. (Probably a good idea anyways for any event.)

If anything goes down, for the 10,000th time:
Do. Not. Talk. To. Cops. Ever.

They are not your friends, and if they’d been doing their job, nothing would have happened in the first place.

Check with your lawyer, but all they are entitled to is your name.
Not 57 other details.
If you aren’t driving a car, they have no right to demand ID.
(This is why you probably shouldn’t be carrying it in the first place, because if you don’t have it – or a wallet, cellphone, etc. – they can’t search it, legally or illegally.)

Don’t lie to them: give them your real name, and nothing else, other than “I refuse to answer further questions without an attorney present, and I’m exercising my right to remain silent at this point.” Then STFU.
Unless you want to press for “Am I being detained? May I leave?”
That’s your Geneva Convention legal briefing.

You should also have designated medics, with a daypack full of first aid gear, including bottles of water for riot spray decon, and full TCCC supplies.

You should also have designated firefighters, with the biggest small portable CO2 and dry chem extinguishers they can carry concealed in packs or on bodies. Incendiary injuries aren’t funny if aimed at you, but blowing them out by surprise always is.

People should be in groups, with a responsible leader.
Who should be on walkie via earpeice for tactical command and intel updates.
Security, medical, and fire fighters should be within arm reach of that leader, within each small group, and responsible to that designated leader.

It should go without saying that there should be P-A-C-E comm plans.
Consider burner phones for event texting, sterilized of any outside numbers or convos – just for use on the day, in case confiscated/stolen/dropped.
Everyone should know P-A-C-E egress plans, rally points, and a safe person to contact for pickup if/when things go to shit.
Including a friend for pickup, an/the attorney, and a bail agent.
Everyone should have a map to the two closest ERs.

It’s also highly recommended that a couple of infiltrators be salted on the other side or as bystanders, charged only with hanging out and listening, plus passing on any hints of impending violence. Someone or three near the cops, and any tactical command post for same, would also be a damn good idea. Both should have the same level of contingency plans – if not more – if caught, bumped, or need to flee.

And you should also have high point eyes-on surveillance overwatch in as many places as possible, along with a Culper-certified ACE nearby but secure, to battletrack the entire event, on police/fire/EMS and news scanners and local broadcast media, in real time. And forward updates to you on the command net, or text.

(Be aware that every TV and radio station has a back channel broadcast line to communicate with HQ, which is as good or better than the police nets, and you should be listening to that as well. Someone – maybe homeless looking – hanging around the broadcast vans to listen, and with both a walkie and a text/cell burner phone isn’t a bad idea either.)

Can’t pull off that level of prep?
Sucks to be you.

You aren’t tall enough for this ride, and as suggested from the outset, you should probably have stayed home to begin with.

Ignore this at your peril.
Quite possibly in a Darwin Award-winning sort of way.
1* isn’t just for the Blue Crew, boys and girls.

And this is exactly why Remus always says, "Avoid crowds."

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Why Not?

Are your teeth fixed?
Are you at your target weight?
Do you exercise multiple times every week, hot/cold/rain/shine?
Can you run 2-3 miles in less than half an hour, without calling 911?
Do you do it regularly?
Do you have a real Go Bag at home?
In your car?
Can you purify suspect water to potability at least four ways, none of them using fire or electricity?
How many of them have you actually done?
Have you planted a vegetable garden?
What about in a greenhouse, or using raised-bed coldframes?
Can you can surplus produce?
And what about canning cooked meats?
Have you sealed up buckets of dry staples, like uncracked wheat, rice, beans, pasta, salt, sugar, etc.?
Have you ever built an ad hoc shelter in the wilderness that'd get you through an entire winter where you live, warm and dry?
Can you navigate successfully cross-country (no roads) with nothing but a USGS topo or equivalent, and a hand compass?
Can you make a cache for supplies?
Find it a year later?
Proved it by doing same in the last year?
Do you have both an IFAK blow-out kit, and a serious home first aid kit?
Can you clean and dress a serious wound?
Splint a broken limb or joint sufficient to allow travel/transport?
Can you hit a man-sized target with a pistol from 10-100' away?
Can you battle zero a rifle?
Can you take your weapons apart, and put them back together?
Do you have spare parts for replacing the ones most lost/broken?
How far is the longest distance have you hiked in the past year?
Can you move with a full pack 10 miles over rough terrain in a day?
Did you do it in the last year?
Do you have the boots for that broken in?
Can you communicate with radios that far right now?
Can you pick up broadcasts on SW?
Send them?
Can you predict the weather where you live from the almanacs on your shelf, your own weather station, and personal knowledge?
What about the tides, phases of the moon, sunrise/sunset?
Can you make what you need to live in the wilds with a knife/hatchet/machete/multitool/paracord?
How many things have you made that way?
Do you know what you're prepared for, what you aren't, and are working to amend those deficiencies?

If the answer to any of those things is no, or I don't know...

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Trumpasaurus Rex

         Actual photograph from congressional address last night.

In what had to be rather annoying in equal measure to the NeverTrumpers, the pussies running the (R) side of the House and Senate, the leftist morons of Congress, and the official public relations wing of the Democrat Party (also known as the entire lamestream media) trying to portray him as an unqualified lunatic in need of adult supervision, Trump's speech last night was maddeningly presidential. Just when they think he's going to melt down, moderate, or tire of spanking their hindquarters, he grabs another handful of their tails, and commences a-whacking with a wide hickory paddle. And harder.

His SecDef, quietly enjoying the spectacle from the prime seats, famously told the shitlords of Ragistan in his days commanding Marines in Iraq,
"I come in peace. I didn’t bring artillery. But I’m pleading with you, with tears in my eyes: If you fuck with me, I’ll kill you all.”
President Trump delivered the same message to Congress last night, especially the Democrats, and they know it. However measured and conciliatory it may have sounded, what you should have heard was this, not in the Queen's English, but in the English of Queens NY:
"Play ball with me, or you're going to get the bat shoved up your ass." 
Despite a dozen serious issues looming in the future, this is going to be a fun year, if only to watch this play out.

Continue your preparations for sportier eventualities, but do so soberly, at a measured cadence, knowing that a goodly number of the enemies of mankind are getting the crap kicked out of them, and will continue in that state for some good time.

Don't forget to take the occasional pause to laugh at their plight.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Way Too Early: RIP Bill Paxton

We note with sadness the far too early departure of actor Bill Paxton, yesterday from complications of heart surgery, at the age of only 61.

Well, fuck. One more face to add to tonight's Oscar tribute of those we lost this year.

Paxton was fun to watch, and we can't recall him ever shooting his mouth off about things outside his ken as an actor. We first noticed him in the before-its-time cult classic Streets Of Fire, and he absolutely nailed every terminal lance corporal we've ever seen with his portrayal of Pvt. Hudson in Aliens ("Man, I'm too short for this over man, game over!").

He was clearly a favorite of James Cameron, which is why we kept seeing him in everything, and making him that top-tier 2%: a regularly working featured actor, and he deserved it every time, paying it off to the audience in every scene.

Loved him in Navy Seals, he made a great Earp brother in Tombstone, he made Twister worth watching, and was rock-solid in Apollo 13, Titanic, and U-571.

What a helluva run, and over way too soon.
Sincere condolences to his family at a loss to them, and everyone who enjoys a good flick.